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"Dr. Nathan Webb is awesome. Even though I've received acupuncture in the past, I still have a bit of a phobia with needles. But Nathan has been intentive, and managed to work around my quirks; He always makes sure I'm comfortable.
My neck and back pains, and migraines from a car accident are better! Bravo!

I say go for the acupuncture and massage therapy combo!"


I highly recommend Dr. Webb as an acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist.  I've been seeing Dr. Webb over the past 10 weeks for endometriosis and a hormonal disorder.  The treatments have decreased my pain level by about 60% and I am now able to function during what used to be a debilitating part of my cycle.  He has also helped with my overall wellbeing and musculoskeletal pain. The treatments, along with the herbal regimen he has me on, have drastically improved my quality of life.


“Nathan is a very professional and caring practitioner.  I have been dealing with an adult onset movement disorder for about 5 years now and have been meaning to try acupuncture for quite a while.  Nathan listened carefully to my symptoms and started me on twice a week acupuncture sessions for 3 weeks.  So far the treatment sessions have been helpful and enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend giving Nathan a try no matter your particular needs.”


“Google reviews led me to Nathan Webb when I was unable to get a timely appointment with the other excellent acupuncturist I see.  In my early seventies, I continue to benefit greatly from Dr. Webb’s skilled treatment of a mid-back pain issue that has compromised my life in many ways in recent years.  After seeing many Western practitioners of various kinds to no avail, I am very happy to have such capable care conveniently available.  He is the also first caregiver I have consulted who was clear about what the issue stemmed from, providing me, beyond treatments, with excellent suggestions for targeted back-strengthening exercises well familiar to me from yoga.  The combination of the exercises and the treatments has opened a new doorway into a daily life free from the pain or even the fear of pain onset.  Dr. Webb is attentive, caring, thoughtful and competent.  Our community is fortunate to have gained such a knowledgeable practitioner who has committed himself to being here, and I heartily recommend him.”


Dr. Nate is Awesome! Do yourself the favor of meeting Dr. Nate, it will be life changing. One of the best choices I've ever made


"...I need to express my extreme satisfaction in the approach and process that Dr. Webb took when addressing my beginning symptoms of Bells Palsy. I searched for a local acupuncturist for treatment of Bells Palsy and he contacted me wanting to give it a shot. He performed only 4 treatments before my face was moving at nearly 100% back to normal. Not healed, as this is a long acting virus with many debilitating symptoms, but he halted the paralysis in my face by his miraculous skill. I knew nothing of acupuncture at that time, except that my daughter had used acupuncture to assist with conceiving, due to endometriosis issues and that worked (she not with Dr. Webb as she lives another state). He's very professional, very skilled, kind, informative and gets a kick out of when a good 'yikes' is expelled when the needle hits a not so friendly place in the process. It brings a chuckle and lightens the stress of the moment. I thank God he was there for me when I needed holistic medicinal help with a rather debilitating medical condition that could have left me permanently paralyzed and disfigured. Thank you Dr. Webb!"


"...Nathan does an awesome job with the Sport's Massage. I have literally been in pain for years and I feel like he took the pain away within the hour I was there. It wasn't one of those fluffy massage where they gently run oil on you and you wonder how it's helping you in any way. No pain, no gain situation that I have. I felt like a broken person and I am now feeling quite normal again, Simply amazing. I wish I would have done this sooner..."


"I have been to many acupuncturists over the years and I truly believe that Dr. Webb is the best. I am so glad that I found him. I highly recommend his acupuncture/massage combo."


"One of the best spots for acupuncture! Go see Nathan, he has helped heal my shoulder, back and is good for overall reset/relaxation. But seriously he is magic. My shoulder was in so much pain from a work injury that I had been in tears prior to seeing Nathan. After my treatment with him, the pain was gone and after several weeks of consistently getting treated my injury was healed."

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